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Big Tits That Made Me Come Twice

I was going through porn site yesterday and I came across some big tits that I think the world needs to know about. The kind of information I want to share is big (literally). Even if they were to cure cancer today this would still be bigger than that. These jugs I’m talking about could make Donald Trump give out all his wealth just so he could get his head buried between these babies. These tits could turn any straight woman gay in seconds. Now I could sit here and give you all kinds of analogies, but I will spare you the wait. Read on and find out how I just might have found my new coming sensation.

One thing I like about porno sites is the webcams. You gotta love the rush you get from watching somebody pleasure herself right before your very eyes. I mean, my dick was already painfully erect right from the moment I saw that tight ass and those sexy legs. I didn’t need to see her in all her naked glory to know that I needed to penetrate her ass right away. These private chats are usually unmonitored. This means you can enjoy yourself too, and show the stars on the other side your 10 inch prick or your deliciously wet pussy if you’re a chick. Another thing to love is that these stars have no inhibitions when it comes to private chats. They are open to entertaining you and will give you the thrill of your life.

The clarity, these videos have is amazing. I am and always will be a big boobs guy. I have seen plenty of massive jugs in my life, but not the kind of big tits I see on,,,,,, etc. These porn sites have some of the sexiest women on the planet. I’m talking about the type of breasts that are so huge, you feel your cock twang at the sight of them. And the women know just how to tantalize your cock. They’ll start off with tiny ass shirts that cling to their breasts like they’re depending on them for life. These shirts are just transparent enough for you to get a sight at those tiny pink twin nipples. It’s not even the nipples that get me. It’s how sexy those massive breasts look. There is absolutely no trace of sag on these babies.

You know how your wife is always begging you to suck her boobs when you are totally turned off by them? That’s not going to happen on XXX videos. You don’t just feel inclined to lick these pornstars boobs, you begin to desire to chew on them, fuck them, lick and suck them. These sexy women are going to lure you with nothing but their sexy bodies. You know how most women lie down and their breasts just fall on opposite sides? These starlets’ breasts remain facing upward even when they lie down. They stand so mighty and strong, almost 5 inches off the rest of their body. These hot pornstars are literally begging for you to climb on top of them and give them the kind of fucking they’ve never had in their lives.

But how can you do this? By jacking off, of course. Yesterday, while I was watching that video that restored my faith in God, I got to come twice in a span of 10 minutes. Most guys may have had a sensation like this, but go easy on me since it was my first time. My cum heavy balls couldn’t restrain themselves at the sight of those sexy breasts on that Latina maid. They were round, and her brown nipples looked so delicious I could give her hickeys she would remember the whole week. My oversized cock couldn’t help itself. I almost came thrice without even touching it. When I did stroke it ever so slowly, she was right in front of me rubbing her tits and wetting them with her pussy drip. She cupped one in her hand and I swear her hand literally disappears. As she moaned so sweetly, I felt my pressure building and she became responsible for the mess that occurred. She lay down on her bed so that I could get a sight of that slippery and drooling cunt. Her shaven pussy and that plump labia were literally calling my name. As she fingered herself while calling out for Jesus, I came again. Who knew that huge tits could be the very end of me?

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