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Feeling Young With Nude Teen Videos

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I love to watch nude teen movies. So, everyone called me a dirty old man before I was old, but it’s a title I wear with pride and humor. My joy for life has always been part of my nature and, as long as I can keep my friends laughing, I am happy.

What they didn’t realize, and still don’t, is how fitting the title they gave me actually is. I’ve always loved porn, from old VHS tapes and paperback books to the wonders of technology and the ability to scan the internet for the exact niche that turns a person on. For me, my favorite go-to place for private masturbation is,!

I’m now old enough to know what makes me happy and hard, and it comes in the form of a tight, barely legal, teen body. I enjoy the palm sized breasts and the creamy skin that has a wiggle in all the right places. I love the shaved pussy that lets my older eyes feast upon an aroused clitoris, sometimes even before she even opens her thighs, since there’s no pubic hair to get in the way. I find pleasure in their eagerness, the way they cum over and over again with the youthful energy and eroticism that says they’re ready to take on the world.

I always fantasize what it would be like to have my face buried between their legs. How the scruffiness to my facial hair will leave whisker burns on their thighs. How their experience of my oral sex talents drive them wild. I can almost feel their hard clitoris on my tongue, smell the soft muskiness of their teen porn juices, and imagine my mouth deep in the tight hole that my aching cock would soon be filling.

I wouldn’t stop licking until she’d cum at least twice, glazing my face with the creaminess I desire. Then I’d allow her to lick my mature cock a bit before I lay her back on the bed, preparing to mount her in missionary style, because I want to see her face, feel her hot breath on my neck and kiss her just as she cums around my hard shaft.

Yes, there’s something about those barely legal, hot babes with big tits that drive me wild. When all of my friends and family leave me alone for the night, I turn off the lights, close the curtains, slip out of my boxer shorts and spend time with some yearning and burning teen. I watch her every move, I appreciate her blossoming age, and I dream of devouring her in a naughty, hardcore manner, proving that an older man can make a younger woman feel so good.

When I get lost in the naked teen porn videos streaming from my computer, I’m suddenly a younger man again, with the world in front of me and all of the ladies my libido can handle. That’s the wonderful thing about fantasies, you can be anyone you want, any place you desire, and no one can take that excitement away. As a hot blonde teases me by rolling her striped cotton panties over tender hips, I’m already hard and ready for her. I stroke slowly, not wanting to rush my enjoyment.

I can see the glistening juice of pre-cum dripping from the head of my mature dick. Using it as a lubricant, I rub the streaming, salty semen all around the head, causing me to breathe even harder. The sweetheart on the screen has a vibrator centered on her clitoris, her legs are opened wide, her ass is lifting and dropping from the mattress, and I can see the female creaminess leaving droplets of wetness on the pale pink sheets covering her bed.

Her moans are like music to my ears, so virgin-like and yet experienced enough to know that she’s going to be driving someone wild when they watch her perform. I begin to jack off faster, trying to keep the same rhythm as her masturbation and before long she’s screaming out with an earth-shattering orgasm. My own semen spurts from the head of my cock and, for a moment, I was a younger man again, giving her a facial cumshot.